4 de abr de 2014

[T&I] New Issue Published

Translation & Interpreting
Vol 6, No 1 (2014): Translation & Interpreting
Table of Contents

Conveying medication prescriptions in American Sign Language: Use of
emphasis in translations by interpreters and deaf physicians (1-22)
        Brenda Nicodemus,       Laurie Swabey,  Christopher Moreland

Does personality matter? An international study of sign language interpreter
disposition. (23-46)
        Karen Bontempo, Jemina Napier,  Laurence Hayes, Vicki Brashear

Deaf and non-deaf research collaboration on Swiss German Sign Language (
DSGS) interpreter training in Switzerland (47-59)
        Patty Anne Shores,      Christiane Hohenstein,  Joerg Keller

Condemned to repetition? An analysis of problem-setting and problem-solving
in sign language interpreting ethics (60-75)
        Robyn K Dean

Cohesion in English to ASL simultaneous interpreting (76-101)
        Campbell McDermid

TAPing into the interpreting process:  Using participant reports to inform
the interpreting process (102-127)
        Debra Russell,  Betsy Winston

Think aloud protocols:  Viable for teaching, learning, and professional
development in interpreting (128-143)
        Amanda Smith

Cognitive spaces: Expanding participation framework by looking at signed
language interpreters’ discourse and conceptual blending (144-157)
        Julie White Armstrong

Researching signed language interpreting through a sociolinguistic approach
        Cynthia Roy,    Melanie Metzger

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