6 de abr de 2013

Translation & Interpreting: Special issue on certification

Translation & Interpreting
Vol 5, No 1 (2013): Translation and Interpreting
Table of Contents

Introduction (1-12)
        Alan K. Melby

Constructive Alignment in Translator Education: Reconsidering Assessment for
Both Industry and Academy (13-31)
        Kobus Marais

A Cross-National Overview of Translator and Interpreter Certification
Procedures (32-65)
        Jim Hlavac

Universities and Interpreter Certification (66-78)
        Holly Mikkelson

Testing Interpreters: Developing, Administering, and Scoring Court
Interpreter Certification Exams (79-93)
        Lois Marie Feuerle

Interpreting in the Gray Zone: Where Community and Legal Interpreting
Intersect (94-113)
        Marjory A. Bancroft,    Lola Bendana,   Jean Bruggeman, Lois Feuerle

The Development of Certification for Healthcare Interpreters in the United
States (114-126)
        Mara Youdelman

Patient Safety, Professionalization, and Reimbursement as Primary Drivers
for National Medical Interpreter Certification in the United States
        Izabel S. Arocha,       Linda Joyce

The TransCert Project: Ensuring That Transnational Translator Certification
Meets Stakeholder Needs (143-155)
        Gerhard Budin,  Zita Krajcso,   Arle Lommel

Welcome to the Real World: Professional-Level Translator Certification
        Geoffrey S Koby,        Gertrud G Champe

Certification and Job Task Analysis (JTA): Establishing Validity of
Translator Certification Examinations (174-210)
        Geoffrey S. Koby,       Alan K. Melby

Signal Jamming in the Translation Market and the Complementary Roles of
Certification and Diplomas in Developing Multilateral Signaling Mechanisms
        Andy L. J. Chan

Invited Commentary
Alternatives to Certification (222-234)
        Arle Richard Lommel

Sela-Sheffy, R. and Shlesinger, M. (Eds.) (2011).  Identity and status in
the translational professions (235-236)
        Gertrud G Champe

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