31 de ago de 2009

Estudo internacional sobre a personalidade dos intérpretes de língua de sinais

Greetings Colleagues,
We are seeking participants for an international research study of personality in sign language interpreters. This international study will investigate the relationship between a range of personality traits and occupational data collected from sign language interpreters. Both deaf and hearing interpreters are encouraged to participate. The survey is only available online, and in English, but is open to anyone from any country wiling to complete it in this format. Your response to the questions are anonymous. You cannot be identified by your participation in the study. This research is a collaboration between Macquarie University, Australia, and Eastern Kentucky University, USA. For more details, contact Chief Investigators, Karen Bontempo on
karen.bontempo@studetns.mq.edu.au or Laurence Hayes on laurence.hayes@eku.edu .
To participate in this international study please go to:
Our closing date for the survey is September 30, 2009. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to all interested individuals in the USA and othercountries.
We appreciate your assistance and support in this research.
Thank you,

Laurence Hayes, Ph.D. CSC, ASLTAASL & Interpreter Education Department Chair859-622-4966 V or 859-622-6540 VP laurence.hayes@eku.edu

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