19 de abr de 2009

SignTyp: Sign languages database online

The SignTyp project is pleased to announce that a new version of the SignTyp database is now available at the Linguistics Data Consortium web site, at http://www.ldc.upenn.edu/signtyp/downloads/ A zipped file contains both database and documentation. It is free to all researchers for non-commercial purposes. SignTyp is supported by grant BCS0544944 from the National Science Foundation to Drs. Harry van der Hulst and Rachel Channon at the University of Connecticut. SignTyp is a prototype of a crosslinguistic database containing phonetic-phonological encoding of signs in a variety of sign languages, using datasets that had already been coded by various researchers. Setting a goal comparable to, for example, CHILDES (MacWhinney 2000), SignTyp provides a home for existing datasets from different linguists. A uniform coding system has been developed which translates the varying coding systems. The primary focus of this system is to notate form properties of sign that are potentially distinctive or phonological, so that researchers can analyze these potentially distinctive values, and determine which elements are actually non-distinctive or phonetic and which are truly phonological. Multiple languages also allow the determination of which characteristics are cross-linguistically distinctive. The database currently includes almost 12,000 signs in nine different language sets, for six different sign languages, from four annotating groups or individuals: ASL (3 different time periods), Sign Language of the Netherlands, Korean Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, New Zealand Sign Language, and Finnish Sign language (two different time periods).
fonte: Linguistic list (http://linguistlist.org)

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